No. 4 – Visit Stonehenge

Exploring Stonehenge 

Inspiration: Stonehenge is an iconic English landmark,  one of the wonders of the world and an extremely well-known prehistoric monument. Having over the year heard talk of and seen Stonehenge several times on the TV, especially its the solstice celebrations, I wanted to finally see it with my own eyes.

How I felt: Before going I had been told that it was visible from the motorway and I could just do a drive-by. I was shocked to see that, it really was right next to a very busy road, and that all the cars just slowed down to have a look.

Nevertheless, I wanted to see the stones up close and personable. It was all a bit surreal, taking a mini bus filled with tourist, to a middle of a field which minus a very short fence was filled with sheep, to look at the majestic historic stones.

I was visiting with my 5 year nephew, who did midway through the trip have to pee – but that he has never been shy about doing that in many historic places.

I was awe by the history and completely understand why you can’t go right up next to them anymore.  Did make this think of the images of Obama visit, and him standing contemplating amongst the centre of the stones. My brain still can’t get round how old the stones are , but you can definitely feel there is a lot of energy there. I am very happy that I have now seen Stonehenge, and learnt more about the site.

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