Happiness by Design

Happiness by Design – Paul Dolan

I will come straight out and say it –  I really LOVED this book.

I have as part of exploration to have a healthy and happier life,  I have  been trying to learn more about Happiness – the how, what and when. This book really informative, and I did get some real insight on into what small things I can do everyday to ensure I am always loving life.

Paul Dolan came at the happiness problem from a different angle than many people, and it was that of a Behavioural Economist. As an economist this really registered with me, and gave me a much greater appreciated to what he had to share. He outlines the science and experiments he carried out to come to his findings that fundamentally we need to find our balance of PURPOSE and PLEASURE. I know easier said than done.

Here are a few key things that I really took away with me after finishing reading:
– You need to think about your pleasure in both terms of short term and long term.
– It takes a fair amount of work to achieve happiness.
– Happiness is the work of design,  it is not one single thing, it might be a combination of big and small continuous and one-off events in your life.
– You have to make sure you are always giving the positive in your life, the right amount of attention and focus to find that sweet spot.
– Nothing is ever going to be absolutely perfect, but you just have to find that balance which give you happiness.
– Your happiness is within your control alone.

Therefore as part of me loving life, I am trying to make sure I do things that give me pleasure and exploring new things that give me true purpose.

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