Timberyard or TY as it is known by its regulars is a series of independent coffee shops based in London, who place a high emphasis on high quality coffee and making an inviting workspace.

For me TY is a great place to share a coffee and/or brunch with friends, attend an event, but more importantly be my go to place to go with my laptop and spend a few hours working. I have even on more than one occasion, told my work that I was WFH but in fact been in TY Seven Dials. I get so much more work done, just sitting in the window, with a strong cup of coffee, a litre of water and a great position to people watch and get inspired.

There are many reasons why I love working at Timberyard. To start with they have great coffee (and a wonderful matcha latte too) and variety of healthy food with plant-based options from seasonal tomato salad to vegan flapjacks. They also understand that you are there to work, and it feels more like a shared workspace, that a coffee shop at times. Their motto is a “workspace powered by purchase“, but I have never been ask to buy anything, it sort of happens organically as the coffee is so good you just want more.

I highly recommend TY for anyone who needs to get their head down with their laptop, the atmosphere is brilliant and for me personally really helps get the creative and mental juices flowing. I have easier done a 8 hour work sessions there before. There are also in great locations in Soho and Seven Dials.

Don’t be shocked if you ever visit TY, that I am there with my laptop and a cup of coffee, just come and say hi.

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