Tata Harper – Natural Skincare Haul & Review

On my search for a natural skincare brand that actually works I came across Tata Harper on Cult Beauty, and had to do a mini haul.

Tata Harper is known as the “Queen of Green” not just for its glamorous green glass packaging but because their products are farm-to-face using all natural ingredients.

So the first item in my haul was the much raved about Restorative Eye Creme. It isn’t cheap, that is for certain. However, as a person who always looks like they never got enough sleep, it was worth a try; especially as seen a number of fellow bloggers singing its praises.

I have been using it now for a number of weeks. Staring with its positives, it has a wonderful consistency and application, you don’t get too much product on one pump and it applies liberally which is important when you consider the price. The creme has a real glow about it, so much so that I use it  only really during the day as more of a highlighter/eye cream combo in conjunction with my concealer. Now onto the negatives, I can’t say that I have seen too much restoration, my eyes sadly still have black under-eye  and it really sticks to my growing number of fine lines not plumping them up liked I hoped. Overall, if you are just looking for a day eye creme which highlights and don’t mind paying for it, you are on to a winner, but I think I will keep exploring for eye creme options.

Now onto the Purifying Cleanser, a creamy cleanser for blemish prone skin. First things first, this cleanser smells wonderful, it really awakens your senses early in the morning with its well-balanced used of essential oils. Similar to the eye creme, it has a great consistent and a small amount goes a long way. After using the cleanser you do feel fresh-faced and hydrated. It can cause a bit of stinging , if you use hot water to remove causing the essential oils to evapourate into you eyes. Because of this, definitely not very helpful to get rid of eye make-up. I have enjoyed the cleanser, isn’t very harsh and leaves skin feeling refreshed.

However the cleanser’s drawbacks for me, not too sure how much impact has on blemishes if they are severe and doesn’t really act as a full face make-up remover. I also didn’t experience that complete magical reduction in redness, I do think my complication was improved and I will continue to use it. I think might try it as a second-cleanse in my daily routine and see what different that makes.

Last but certainly not least in my haul, was the product I really wanted to try, the Clarifying Mask. A small bottle which I got told would pack a major punch. It didn’t disappoint on the wonderful smell, which is especially calming which just added to the Sunday night wind down mask session. Yes, it is bright green so if you want to look like the Hulk this is the mask for you. Unlike many mud masks, which are for blemish prone skin, it doesn’t have that extreme drying effort, where you have to counterbalance with layer moisturiser afterwards. It very easy to remove, which with some masks can be a nightmare – where I end up rubbing my eyebrows raw trying to get it off. After you use this mask, you are left with soft, glowing skin and you know that you have given your skin a good little pick me up. I have to say most of the hype of this mask is worth it, and I will definitely be keeping it in my beauty rotation.

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