December Photography Challenge

On a crisp morning in Early December a close friend of mine turned to me and told me she was challenging me to the December Black & White Photography Challenge. In reply I gave her a complete look of confusion, this social media challenge had seem to have passed me by.

The challenge was to post a Black & White photos for Seven days. The rules were they were simple meant to be be black and white photos of your life.However, they couldn’t include any people, no portraits. Also when you posted the pictures you were to give no explanation. Then you are to challenge another person to undertake the challenge.

I loved the idea of this challenge.

Firstly, because personally I really love black and white photography, I think that they can add some drama, or even help silence a scene you are trying to capture. They really help drag me into a picture. This would be a challenge as I rarely take black and white photography and it is a challenge as it does draw a picture into its bare bones.

On top of this, living in London it is very hard to not get pictures where people are the predominate feature. Also to find a black and white quality photograph which sums up your life for that day was difficult, especially as a busy working women. Didn’t want to just have a picture of my computer screen and desk as I was in the office until late at night.

Then the last true challenge was the no explanation. When you really love a picture it can be hard to let it stand and be judge for what it is, and not explain why that picture meant something to you, what made you take that picture. I am going to stay true to the rules and not go into explaining my pictures (biting lip to stop myself).

Here is my Black and White December Photography Challenge:



I was very sad when the seventh day came, and I do think it has motivated me to try to improve my photography skills and to take more black and white photos going forward. However, I will be allow to give explanations – but I might also try to let my pictures do their own talking. This challenge also made me very reflective of my day to day living, as each day I was trying to find that moment to take a simple picture which could standalone as a image representative of my life  for a week. mh

hope that I have inspired you to take on this challenge, and I take you share your pictures with me and your experience. 


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