Hello 2018 – My Visions, Intentions and Goals for the Year Ahead

A new year is with us again, we say it every year, but gosh 2017 went quickly. I know that our view of time gets shortened each year so each year does feel quicker. With that in mind, I want to hit the ground running, and reconfirm and refocus goals the I made on my 31st birthday in October (I normally treat my birthday as a new start).

I decided the best way to focus in more on my goals, was to break them down more, so I have overarching intentions, goals and visions for 2018 and then I set goals and targets for each month. I also have been debating for a while and decided that new year was the time for me to create a vision board or more like inspiration board. I will tackle each of these things in turn now.

Intentions for me are about more abstract loss based aspect of my life that I want to enhance, embrace, reduce or improve. Visions again are a bit more abstract but are more about feelings and intangible dreams for myself. Finally you have goals/targets which are your hard and fast things you want to achieve, complete or again improve. So here you have it…

Intentions for 2018, I will do less:

  • Being unfocussed and just going through life without living in the present and enjoying it or each distracting myself from long or medium term goals.
  • Being too much in my head, over thinking/analysing/worrying/second guessing and letting that mean that I stand if my own way and letting fear win.
  • Stress about things that are out of my control, whether that be at work or in relationships.
  • Being digital dependent by letting computers and/or the TV be the thing my eyes are looking at over 85% of the day.
  • Filling the space or the quiet, or the boredom with unnecessary spending and eating.
  • Wasting time, whether it be wasting the hours I am up early in the morning not doing something more productive than being on the internet or not making the most of my weekends and exploring and getting new experiences.
  • Not looking after myself, not giving myself true self love and care, whether this be going to sleep, a face mask, a hair cut or a mental break whilst watching a movie.

Intentions for 2018, I will do more:

  • Take the opportunities to explore more, whether this be my own knowledge, own city or the wider world.
  • Be more mindful, learn to live in the present and be easier on myself, let thoughts pass and listen to my brain and body.
  • To take the time and money to enjoy the better things in life, I jokingly told someone one of my intentions for 2018 was to drink more better quality wine and it is so true. I intent to spend more maybe less frequently but take the time and effort to enjoy better good quality things and experiences etc, whether that be wine, a massage, a play, travel, flowers or even food.
  • Be more committed and proactive in regard to my goals, dreams, promises and intentions, including but not limited to friends, family, my blog, plans etc.
  • To learn more, so I can learn more about myself and what makes me happy, healthier and also to help guide me in finding my purpose.
  • Confident in myself, and if need be faking it until I feel it.

Goals for 2018:

Most of these goals are just reconfirming goals that I made on my birthday, and as said above I will also break some of these down on a monthly basis (and add a few others in when needed). There is a mixture of body physical goals to some more abstract spiritual goals.

  1. Have more body confidence (in all aspects of my body, self love)
  2. Have clean healthy skin (stop having problem skin issues).
  3. Read 24 books minimum over the year (increase my knowledge and understanding of the world around me)
  4. Buy my own property and gain that independence.
  5. Go explore, travel –  go on a minimum of 5 holidays (whether abroad or staycations and gain those new experiences and freedom).
  6. Run a half marathon again and bet my previous PB (stopped running this year and need to start up again for both its physical and mental benefits).
  7. Get to a goal weight and fat percentage, and body size where I am happy and can maintain for a lifetime (I let stress and myself put on a lot of weight which previous lost and means I am not very physically healthy and need to look after and improve my body as is the only body I have)
  8. Find a career and job that I love (need to find purpose and dreams on what I do for a living, and not just float as scared of change).
  9. Built a foundation of financial stability including pensions, saving, property etc. (need to look after my long term prospect and not just thing of month to month, sadly getting older now).
  10. Establish and cement a strong friendship group full of support and love (had a fair amount of turmoil with friend over the years and I need to just support and grow a group of people who truly add and respect my life and my choices).
  11. Drink more good wine (did tell you earlier – need to let loose and enjoy the small things in life like a good glass of pinot noir, and I need to learn to enjoy this alone and with other people).
  12. Go out and enjoy life and have fun at least once a month ( I am always told by friends I need to let loose more and live, dance, laugh be spontaneous and carefree at times but also make time for it as well) .
  13. Improve and commit to growing my blog and social media profile and community.
  14. Practice daily mediation (a key aspect of my mental health, finding purpose, calm, reducing stress and happiness and easy enough to do if stay committed).
  15. Love without fear both myself and others (I need to not hold myself back due to past events or for negative headspace I have been in and continue to grow the positive mindset and let myself therefor deserve and give love).
  16. Make dreams – dream them and live them.


My (first) Vision Board 2018:

I have been debating creating a vision or inspiration board for a while. I have spoke to others about it, and even have glowing reviews by a close friend. I don’t I was ready until this year to create one, for many reasons, such as didn’t have the creativity and wasn’t in the right positive headspace to put paper to board.

So I decided with a lot of conviction that this year, I was going to create on – what I was going to actually create was completely unknown. I first had to get the board (sounds like a simple task doesn’t it, not when you are quasi OCD and particular like me), I went to a number of shops and couldn’t find one in the right size or colour. Finally got to one of my favourite shops Kikki.K. (Australia/Swedish stationary store – with a store in Covent Garden) and was in luck got a few inspirational quote cards and a massive white board to dream big on (even the guy waiting to pay behind me say I better have a lot of visions and said he support him to fill it). In the end I have enough stuff to have a dedicated board and also leftover to fill other parts of the flat with inspiring quotes and reminders (see images below).

So I decided that I would keep it simple to start with, I had already printed out a few travel pictures and a picture of me smiling on a santa run, a few other images that make me laugh (include the a minnie mouse ears saying stay fabulous). Then I took the time to fill it with my goals (as outlined above), my weekly goals (as I plan to start each morning next to in it mediation),  monthly goals (well this is hanging on the wall instead) and also my Visions for myself in 2018.

Visions for 2018: To be Happier, Fitter, Healthier, Challenge myself, more Adventurous, Go outside my Comfort Zone, Joyful, Find Purpose and FOLLOW MY HEART & simply be the BEST ME.

Then around of that , I just filled it with sayings and quotes that would help me stay on my journey for the year and help lift me up and support me as I achieve all I think I can achieve. Here are a few examples:

Give, Grow, Love.

The Art of Being Happy Lies in the Power of Extracting Happiness from Common Things.

Never Stop Learning.

What You Get By Achieving Your Goals is Not as Important as What You Become by Achieving Your Goals.

At Least One A Day Allow Yourself the Freedom to Think & Dream.


I have placed my board in a corner of my living room, near a comfortable armchair, where I plan to read and mediate daily and I want to make it a peaceful corner where I can just relax and be inspired.

I am feeling very inspired and have a clear idea of achieving all my intentions, goals and visions for the coming year. It isn’t about creating a new be, it just about being the same me but the best versions of that self.

I wish you all the best of luck with you own visions for 2018, and would love your support on my journey this year.



Inspiration for my desk

Vision Board




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