Plentiful Pulsin Plant-Based Snacks

Pulsin Vegan Snack Bundle Review

The whole Veganuary movement meant that lots of brands stepped up their plant-based game and had lots of new offerings and products which ultimately meant I was able to explore lots of new foods – what a dream.

The brand Pulsin had a veganuary bundle deal, which meant you got a big box of all their different type of plant-based healthy snacks and proteins. Some I had tried and others I didn’t even know existed.

The protein powder, which is a great size at 1kg is a solid option for people trying to boost they protein intake which can be hard in a plant-based diet. I have had the plain pea protein before, do like that it is very stripped down and is just the protein, not lots of sweeteners or other bulking ingredients.  However, I am planning on doing a review of the different plant based proteins brands out there shortly – so look out.

Speaking of both protein but moving on to snacks, I had previously had one of their Protein Booster bars when searching through health food shops to find plant based protein snacks, they were the only options in a sea of whey protein. I don’t know if it is just me but I find it mildly upsetting that it is so hard to find natural healthy food in stores, that predominately food are mostly chemicals not whole foods and then they aren’t plant based but animal products.

I really enjoyed the Vanilla Chocolate Chip and Mint Chocolate Chip protein boosters bars  and they were the ones that I would definitely consider eating again. I was also very surprised by the Orange bar – as most orange (besides actual oranges) are that horrid artificial orange taste – but this was a great subtle taste. The others such as the maple bar I found didn’t have that strong a taste so could very easily take or leave. My one thing is you know that the bar is fully of natural protein and high in nuts as these bars are low in calories, I think all of them are all north of 200. For me personally, I am on a weight loss journey, so they are a bit too substantial to be an easy snack, but are more a post-work out fix or what I ended up doing a good handbag snack – for when you just are so busy out and about and finding healthy easy plant based food is going to be difficult. Nevertheless, they do live up to as advised they are high in protein, with 13g per bar typically so are a really great option for someone eating a plant-based diet as I know how hard it is to get good protein into your diet, especially if you are also working out and needing it as part of your recovery process. However, these protein bars I would recommend to everyone regards of what diet or lifestyle you are on, they are healthy, natural and full of nutrimental goodness – of all the food you could snack on these are real fuel for your body.

There was also a few of their ‘brownies‘ in the bundle which I have tried before. I have to explain the reason that I put quotes over brownie, as everyone who isn’t living a plant-based diet or has just started get all excited when I mention healthy brownies and also (without fail) eat one and say either this doesn’t taste like a brownie or this isn’t the right texture for a brownie. They would be right, but as I have been eating plant-based for nearly a year now, my new normal for brownies isn’t surprised by the consistency of the Pulsin brownies and the taste of cacao verse cocoa. They are good if you want a bit of a sweet fix but not if you are searching for that cheeky chick flick and chocolate fix (You girls know what I mean, that irrational hormonal craving that only chocolate will fix). They aren’t going to convert anyone who things there is no substitutes for real brownie or that all healthy food ‘taste healthy’.

Next were the Porridge Oat Bars, which I had never heard of before or ever seen in stores. I can’t say I feel in love with these, for me on the label they were everything that I would want – full of nuts and oats meaning great protein and fibre, full of natural sweetness from fruits. A great option for breakfast on the go or even not that ridiculous high in calories that good for an afternoon snack. High in fibre that would means though they are small they are mighty and leave you full not just mindlessly eating bar after bar to try to actual fill full. However, the texture and consistency just didn’t work for me – was too waxy whether this was from the amount of cacao butter or something else. Don’t get me wrong they were like many plant-based snacks where there end up very dry or even worse powdering – is a very solid bar but none of the texture of the oats or nuts come out and it is all oddly too silky smooth – not what I want from an oat bar. Also the individual bars flavours aren’t as dominate as they are in the other forms either. Sadly, didn’t live up to the hype I had put on them as a product range.

Now on to the products in the bundle that majorly blow their own hype and yes, I think I can say have become a solid favourite the Beond bars. Wow, where have these been hiding – sorry couldn’t hide my opinion to the end of the write up. Firstly, these fruit and nut bars come in a great range of flavours from cherry to blueberry, to cacao to apple & cinnamon. I think of them sort of like bar shaped energy balls, they are got the great nutty texture but also the great gooeyness of the fruit (and dates) and they pack a punch in flavour. I really enjoyed the apple and cinnamon, which you can really taste the apple – is sort like an apple ring and nut bar, and same for the blueberry bar. You might think with the ingredients centred around fruit and dates that it be super sweet but no, as these are small and just the right level. Again the cacao bar, isn’t that chocolatey, so is the weakest of the range. But also really enjoyed raspberry and cherry bars. A healthy supply is now constantly in my office desk drawer (so happy their was so many in the bundle) and in the afternoon when I am looking for a bit of sweetness or am just looking for a boost in energy I turn to these bars. Just the right size to leave you nice and satisfied – them being so yummy does mean you have to tell yourself you only need one. These will definitely be a repurchase, I highly recommend trying them out – as one of the better easy low ingredient plant-based snacks for on the go, handbag, office, just about anywhere.

Exploring this new products by Pulsin really did pay off, and helps show you need to not get hung on on the idea that all healthy food are too sweet, have no texture, high in fat or calories, are boring and tasting ‘healthy’. There are some great brands creating some really great products which are good for not just you tastebuds but also your health. You just need to explore more.

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