August’s Intentions


August’s Intentions & Goals

Having set goals and intentions for the year I find it a good practice to ensure that I keep myself on track and focussed on those aims, I make sure that I look at what I am going to do that month and look back on the month before and see where I can improve. For they that intentions create reality. Therefore after taking stock of where I am and where I still need to go to achieve all that I want, I zero in on what I can accomplish for that individual month.

When setting my intentions, I also look at what is already planned or is expected ahead of me. August is a very busy month for me (it also came out of nowhere). I have a hen weekend for a friend that I have single-handedly organised (I will have posts on planning and the exactly weekend when I have survived), I have a weekend away with friend in Paris, a few theatre trips, a few birthdays and work is still very busy. So it is a mixture of fun activities and also very stressful situations too, so I need to make sure I don’t let any of these cause stumble on the way to my goals.

For August my Intentions are:

  • Under take a Fitness Renaissance
  • Embrace more on Healthy Home Cooking & Eating
  • Aim for Consistency across your life
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Be more Budget Conscious
  • Encourage my own creativity
  • Allow stress to not take hold but to wash over you just a single wave
  • Lean into fears especially those around new experiences
  • Practice greater levels of self-care both mentally and physically
  • Increase levels of positivity

Now that I have set the bigger picture intentions, which for me are more concepts and broad strokes. I then normally set very set and more defined individual goals to help focus those intentions and make them more obtainable.


There is no real excuse but due to stress and commitments at work, not the most energy from poor food and sleep I have let my fitness suffer and at moment become nonexistent at times. I am on a weight loss journey (I think am confident enough soon that I will write a dedicate post to it soon), and have been for a while and it has had bad turns where undid a lot of work and then there were/are its good moments. One of the keys to those good moments and just feeling so much better as a person is exercise and being active. So this month I want to have a bit of a fitness rebirth and get back into those healthy fitness routines and habits:

  • Be able to run 10k without stopping (no time goal for this month)
  • Go to the gym a minimum of twice a week
  • Get back into the pool – at least 4 swim sessions
  • Get into a routine of 4-5 individual 30m+ exercise sessions a week (whether is morning runs, swimming laps, gym sessions, cycle)
  • Go to a spin class
  • Do a 31 day squat, lunge and push up challenge

I of course have other long-term fitness goals, such as a much lower fat %, setting up a yoga practice, considering HIIT classes and running a half marathon again under 2 hours. Nevertheless, this the first step in a long fitness journey and I need to make it habit-forming and able to maintained as part of a long-term lifestyle choice.

Healthy Cooking & Eating

In terms of this intention, it is more about focussing in and tightening of a mindset, as I will acknowledge I have greater improved over the last year in terms of healthy eating, especially since becoming plant-based/vegan. However, in recent months, stress and time commitments lead me into habits of stress bingeing and making poor convenient food choices. They might have been vegan but as I say to many chips are vegan doesn’t make them healthy. Therefore I want to return to a more wholesome, whole food and plant-based diet and away again from process whilst also dramatically reducing any sugar. In addition, I want to get excited about food again, like I used to by cooking and recipes testing etc. There to help with this long-term aim to be a healthy eater I am going:

  • Meal plan and prep (where possible) at the start of each week
  • Buy fresh fruit and veggies each week and try to limit to one major shop each week and not daily trips to the store
  • Eat Consciously and mindful – stop when full, listen to body for what nutrients it needs etc.
  • Explore my recipes books and try to cook a least one new meal/recipe each week
  • Log all food strictly on Fitnesspal and monitor food habits
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water each day

Again as said above I am on a weight loss journey and food is a large key to that, so I need to careful and make sure that I am eating healthy whilst also enjoying food for it become a lifestyle shift. Hopefully these intentions and goals will also help shift the pounds and just make me a healthier person overall, who makes a mean yet healthy meal.


I know like many people I have not fully appreciate the power of sleep and also the difference between the length of time you are asleep and the actual quality of that sleep. Sleep benefits you in so many ways, improved skin, helps with weight loss, improves mood, increases your brain’s ability to function etc. and I could go on. I suffer from insomnia, at time is very hard for me to turn my brain off at night and then to add to this, I wake up before the sun and just can’t get back to sleep. I know that I can technically function on little amounts of sleep but in the end I shouldn’t. So this month I want to try to train my body and life into getting more sleep and of better quality when I do go to land of the nod and these are the goals to help achieve that:

  • If at home (so unless social requirements have me out of the house) going to bed at c.10pm
  • Try to keep all electrical devices outside of the bedroom
  • Use essential oils to help relax before bed to help encourage sleep
  • Take daily magnesium supplements
  • When wake, spend at least 10 minutes trying to see if you can sleep more

Hopefully all of this means that even if I am getting up early, I have had good sleep so that I am just more productive during the day and feeling happier and healthier – and help reduce those horrid dark circles.


To be clear, I am lucky to have disposable income that I can treat myself every now and then, but also I think about the days close to pay-day and how tight it can get at times and also thinking there isn’t much of a travel pool going at the moment. So again it more an intention to be more conscious and aware of how I am spending, to help reduce unneccessary unhealthy purchases. There my goals in terms of budget are:

  • Do one big food shop a week and not lots of mini local store purchases
  • Pre-determine a rough budget for activities namely Hen weekend and Paris
  • Check-in weekly will your spending
  • Think before pressing buy especially online – will you still want it tomorrow?
  • AIM to have spare money at the end of the month

These goals especially around food shopping (hopefully not to many whole food shops – they alway do my budget in) should also help promote less snacking and eating better quality food. Also reducing waste as have so much food in cupboard that need to use – made a tidier house. It about at the end of it also just be a more conscientious consumer too.


I have always been a creative person which many wouldn’t believe when they find out I work in the city. When I was younger I have a fork in the road and I had my strengthens in both creative fields (art & drama) and also more traditional academic subjects (maths, history and economics) and I had to pick. Recently, I have come to the conclusion that I need to stay on that fork and just split and harness both strengthens of my personality. Which is way I have an intention to embrace my creativity and give it an outlet to make that part of me happier and nourished. In terms of this month, here are my specific goals:

  • Post daily on my Instagram account (both new and old pictures)
  • Establish a regular blog posting – ideally once every 2 days but at minimum twice a week
  • Do recipe testing and creation
  • Keep adding to my vision board

Sadly at the moment my creativity has to work within work commitments and all the other goals but I just need to make sure that I keep doing things that I love and being creative is one of those things.

Stress Management

At the moment, this is a major thing that I need to work on as at the end of the day, if I am stressed a lot of the other goals I want to achieve will not happen. My biggest stress at the moment is work as doing a very intense project which have been working on for months and is coming to a head, but the work doesn’t seem to diminish. In addition, I have been planning a hen by myself for a friend so that has been hard (post on that later) and just trying to manage a busy life (not recently been helped by not being the healthiest version of myself). I am old enough and a very marginally bit wise that at least I can acknowledge now that Stress isn’t “helpful” – doesn’t change anything and at time is unavoidable, yet it is bad for you beyond what you can imagine. So this month, I am have goals to put into practice a few new habits to help let some of the stress wash over him and not impact my physical or mental health:

  • Try to practice daily Mediation (or at least twice a week) – put my head in a clear and positive head space
  • Daily affirmations to give myself encouragement, positivity and belief
  • Acknowledge the stress when it happens and take stock, breath (talk a walk if needed) and move pass that initial hormonal response and go straight into action mode
  • Better quality Sleep (see above)
  • Be still and listen to calming music
  • Use of smell: candles burning at home and using essential oils to help promote positivity, calm and relaxation (at home and at the office)


I know that I let this aspect be low on my priorities, whether that is due to my confidence/self-love issues (Yes – I am full admitting to have these issues, only way to deal with it to acknowledge) or just trying to judge too many things poorly that it gets push to the back of the line. This is again a very broad topic, but in relation to this month intentions and goals I am going to focus on the beauty as of it so to speak. I want to spend time and treat myself well, whether is doing my daily face routine or going for a massage to help with stress. I want to make sure that I am looking after my body, so I plan to do the following:

  • At least once a week take time to apply a face mask
  • At least once this month, but ideally twice, go for a beauty treatment (manicure, massage etc.)
  • Weekly do a hair mask and look after my nails (home mani/pedi)
  • Take the time daily to really focus on my beauty routine – washing face, styling hair and brushing teeth.
  • Do dry-brushing at least twice a week

It just about taking the time to pamper, to help relax and look after my body as I will be demanding a lot of it so only fair I look after it too.


This is a very broad strokes intentions and is probably core to achieving a lot of the other both month goals and year-long ones. Consistency is about creating habits and more lifestyle changes and turning positive aspects of my life into patterns not ad hoc moments. It can also be applied across my life from my fitness to eating, to mental healthy and self-care. So here a few things I am going to try to do consistently:

  • As mentioned above some form of regular weekly exercise
  • Meal preparation and planning each weekend
  • At least one moment of beauty self-care each week – including beauty treatments, at home treatments (face mask, hair mask etc.)
  • If at home (so unless social requirements have me out of the house) going to bed at c.10pm
  • Read at least 40 pages of my book at week (ideally split over a number of nights)
  • Daily positive affirmations
  • Mediation for 10m+ at least twice a week
  • Social Media posting – regular posts and content
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Intentions & Affirmations

So there you have it, I have set my intentions and goals for this month, I allow you as my readers to hold me accountable and to also help motivate me. You will be able to see some of my progress on my Instagram. I will also try to report back in next months intentions on how I did and what I need to improve.

I hope you all have a good August and achieve all you set your hearts to.

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