The Ultimate Hot Protein Chocolate Recipe, just in time for the Holidays

The Ultimate Hot Protein Chocolate Holiday Recipe

It is the holiday period and the cold dark nights have arrived and to me that means that it is hot coco season. I have be exploring new recipes to try to get a drink which tries to balance being a treat and being healthy or beneficial for you at least at the same time.

As one of the main things that people who start asking me questions when they find out I am living a vegan plant-based diet is how do I get my enough protein without eggs and steamed chicken breast (don’t get my started on the myth that these are the only ultimate sources of protein and that we need some of crazy levels of protein to be healthy). So of course I start the conversation talking about beans, grains, tofu and peas for example and how I work these into my diet. Then I tell them that like a lot of people who work out I also use vegan protein powder. 

Actually for me protein shakes form a large part of my diet as I am typically a very busy working women so being able to have a protein shake for breakfast on the go is great, so just having protein powder in the office to be able to make a filling and healthy afternoon snack. 

It is these enjoyment of afternoon protein shakes that lead me to thinking of marrying the joy of hot coco in the winter with my afternoon or post-gym protein shake. There is nothing stopping you from making sure you get that balance of hitting your sweet tooth and comfort food and also getting in lots of nutritional benefits. 

The recipe is easy and quick to make; for all you need to do it put them all together – blend and heat – then enjoy. I use the hot mode on my Vitamix but you also can just blender and then put in a saucepan to heat. 


  • Banana  (Half of one) – the riper the better as it add a bit of sweetness
  • Medejool Date  (Half to 1 whole pitted date)  – you can increase and decrease depending on how sweet you want it
  • Raw Cacao Powder (1.5 Tablespoons) – want more chocolate go to two 
  • Vegan Protein Powder  (1 Large Scoop)- there are a variety of brands you can use but here are two I have been using recently, I have been liking as not to strong in flavour so mix well, high in protein but not too high in sugar or sweetness, and have a good balance of aminos:
  • Maca Powder (1 Teaspoon) – this add a lovely carmel and creamy taste and is very good at balancing hormones – which lets face it might be the reason you are craving a hot chocolate in the first place
  • Sea Salt (Sprinkle) – add a little to just make the flavours pop a little bit more
  • Cinnamon (Quarter of a Teaspoon) – add that christmas feel and is very good to reduce the need for sugar
  • Nutmeg (Sprinkle) – add to that christmas taste
  • Cardamon (Sprinkle) – add a lovely rich spice to the mix
  • Dark Chocolate (1 cube/square) – Completely Optional – I on occasion when I want it to be a little bit more of a treat shave/crumble a bit of chocolate on top so that it melts into the drink.  

I hope that you enjoy this recipe and try to make it at home. I have found that it truly has put me in the holiday spirt and be a great winter warmer. 

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