Goals and Intentions for 2019: Setting myself up for success and positive change

2019 Goals and Intentions

So lets start off by taking stock of what happen in 2018; as you can use where you have been to help guide where you are going. 2018 had been a bit of a mixed year. There had been some pretty hard times, suffering from burnout (wrote a whole post you can read here), leading to putting weight back on, feeling a bit lost and depressed. However on the opposite side, I also travelled to some amazing places (see range of post here), including going on first solo trip, saw two close friends get married, and gained a bit more clarity about finding my happiness.

So for me one of the key takeaways from what happened in 2018 is that I need to look after myself more, both physically and mentally. This includes finding joy and happiness in all aspects of my life (work & home) and not letting outside stress, events or emotions stop me being the healthy and happiest version of myself.

This leads me into the start of 2019 and the organic new starting point it offers ( I completely know this is an artificial point in time and you can pick any point to make a change) as a really good kickstart to with new personal goals and intentions for making sure that I am living my best life and I am showing the world and myself the best version of me.

Trying to be smarter in 2019 and using lessons learnt and I am going to make sure that I don’t put too much pressure on myself with unrealistic hard and fast goals which aren’t attainable or more importantly sustainable. I decided to both set goals/intentions for the year but also broking them done into monthly goals or focusses which I can then use to build up to making achieving the year’s goals more attainable. I hoping to achieve a balance of kind to myself but also kicking my butt into shape.

As you will see from the post, I have tried to be very honest and transparent. I have also go a very long list with sub-points and that is me all over – never do anything by half if you can help it!. I am a planer and I do love a good list but moreover work much better when have a goal, target, challenge or just something to focus/ground myself in. Therefore, here are my intentions and goals, some abstract (and I am happy with that and some are more about mindset then something more grounded) and some are definitely definite.

  • Read 24 Books (set at 2 a month) – this is purely for pleasure and to make sure I keep learning and growing. You can follow me on this reading challenge on my Goodreads account – you will see a mix of cheesy fanfic, self-help, autobiographies and novels.
  • Travel to places that have been on my wish list for ages – go alone or with friends, key destinations are:
    • Prague
    • Amsterdam
    • Brighton
  • Eat a meal at each at least 12 of the places on my restaurant hit list, again have had a hit list of places (old and new) that I have wanted to visit since becoming vegan and just need to get up and do them. I will do a separate post of my restaurant hit list.
  • Reestablishing a more balanced nutrition and eating lifestyle, by:
    • Eating a more plant-based diet (not just vegan, more whole food less progress food – but again striking a balance with my overall lifestyle)
    • Eating for nutrition not because of emotional triggers – having a better relationship with food and using my inner voice more to guide what I eat
    • Doing more home-cooking and meal planning/prepping
    • Mindful of what I am eating – initially using fitnesspal to monitor what am eating and try to move to more intuitive eating later in the year
  • Create a strong fitness routine – which is consistent but also varied in disciplines and activities. Growing my fitness level across the year and regularly pushing my fitness comfort zone and setting new challenges – from races to attending new classes etc. Here are a few subgoals as part of this intention:
    • Establish a Yoga practice and go on a yoga retreat – again, I have done beginners course before but never actually followed through with establishing a practice and let my inner voice tell me I wasn’t good enough. So decided to let this form part of my fitness and mental health journey this year – as good for strength and mediation.
    • Run 10k in under an hour again and Run a half marathon and try to do it in 2 hours (have done one before a few years ago at 2hr 20).
    • Compete in a running race abroad, can be either a 10k or half marathon.
  • Establish a healthy morning and evening routine – get better use of my time and practice healthy habits, from exercise in the morning, reading, mediating and washing face/teeth/tongue cleaning. Being less lazy and putting my body and mind in healthy situation than just mindless searching the internet.
  • Refocus on my weightless journey but ensure that am realistic and kind to myself along the journey to ensure that is a sustainable life change. Taking it slow and easy but also with determination to end up in a place where I am happy and I can maintain – listen to myself on what is best not outside pressures or opinions.
  • Practice more self-love and care, make myself a bit more a mindful priority, as part of this will include:
    • Weekly face mask
    • Greater care and attention to appearance in terms of clothes, jewellery – invest in me.
    • Nutrition (Don’t be restrictive but aim for balance – spot any inner voice dialogue which say can’t have certain foods etc.)
    • Treating myself to beauty treatments more regularly – manicure, massages etc.
  • Take time to Mediate and establish a regular mediate practice. Again being realistic at start of the year doing it every day will be hard as trying to start other routines, but have it there and let is be a larger focusses later in the year to get higher levels of regularity.
  • Become more positive, keep focus, consistent and embrace changes and challenges that are thrown at me.
  • Focus on budgeting and not mindless shopping to help with battle stress but be more conscience on what purchasing and approach the value of what I buy.
  • Actively engaging in finding more joy in work and less stress in what I do, starting to search for a new job, and building on what I have passion for such as my brand (blog and social media platforms)
  • Continuing building upon some of my hobbies:
    • Get Level 2 in Wine and Sprits from WSET and go to more wine tastings
    • Improve my calligraphy and start to use it for gifts and things around my house
    • Go to the theatre more regularly, again alone or with people

I did tell you it was a lot, but felt that I should write it all down and I will revisit the list each month. I am not the magical impression that I will necessary be able to tick all of this off by end of the year but I personally feel it is better to aim of it than not. Having the intention gives me something to focus on, and that is pretty powerful tool in achieving change – shot for the stars and land amongst the stars. As I said they might also change and I am okay with that, as who knows what 2019 holds, life is unpredictable.

I feel just the act of writing my goals/intentions down (in real life paper and pen and on this blog) a major set in making them happen. Moreover to help with my focus and a positive affirmation, I have created a vision board which has some of these key goals and intentions, some motivational phrases and also things to help me scheduling and breaking down the goals. I am a very visional person and just by creating the board I have a real excitement for achieve all this goes and positive energy. Unlike last year, I want to rely on it more regular to keep me accountable and motivated, in addition to asking for you all to help me with support and calling me out if necessary (lovingly of course).

I have a very strong feeling that 2019 will be a year of real positive change for me, and I cannot wait to explore those changes.

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