Easy, Yummy and Packing a big nutritional punch – 3 Juice Recipes to help kickstart a healthy 2019

3 Easy Juice Recipes which you will enjoy (Promise)

For those who have followed my blogs you will know that throughout the year I like undertaking bit of a cleanse of some sort (can read why I love to cleanse here). To start of 2019 and to help kickstart new healthy eating habits, I undertook a very light & short cleanse. It was just 5 days, and I didn’t just juice but also had a soup once a day and occasional protein shake (as also wanted to kickstart fitness journey and was listening to what my body need which is key to any cleanse).

As with many of the cleanses I have done before I prefer making my own juice, as not only it is it cheaper but also there is something about the experience of manually making you juice each day.

I decided to also invested in a new juicer as wanted a slow juicer/masticating one, as you get more juice and is known to help get you more of the nutrients in the actual juice. I did a bit of research to find one which was good but not ridiculously expensive and found this Hotpoint Ultimate Collection Slow Juice Extractor on Amazon. A very quick review of it is: Easy to clean, not too Loud (last one was super loud), works well with a range of fruit and veggies (spinach, pineapple to ginger), delivers lots of juice and isn’t too big – I am very happy with my purchase.

Don’t know if was the excitement of a new juicer, a new year or kickstarting healthy eating habits but started experimenting with juice recipes and have found three which are:

  • Yummy – you don’t have to pull a face when you drink it, hold your nose to not smell it and actually take your time to enjoy.
  • Uncomplicated – just a few ingredients which are easy to get your hands on.
  • Nutritionally Rich – making sure you get a good mix of vitamins and minerals and getting a high dose of your fruit and veg allotment for the day

Pink Punchy Juice


A much as we all love a green juice every now and again it is good to go PINK. Eat the Rainbow is always the best way.

It might be pink but don’t be foalled it is sweet but has a lovely punchy zingy kick at the end. It is a great way to give yourself a bit of an afternoon pick-me-up, or kickstart your morning.

Here is all you need to make the juice (per glass):

  • Half a Red Ruby Grapefruit
  • Half an Apple (reduce if don’t want too sweet)
  • 100ml of Pomegranate juice (from bottle is fine is what I did)
  • Thumb size portion of Ginger

Green Clean & Lean Juice

Green Clean & Lean Juice

Lets face it what would a juice recipe blog post be without a least one green juice. I have had my fair share, some have had to hold my nose when I drink it and just knock my head back not this juice. I wanted a juice which was nutritional rich but actually quite light in taste.

Is great way to start your digestion off slowly in the morning, or if you want to drink to make sure you gets your daily greens in.

Here is all you need to make the juice (per glass):

  • 3 large Celery sticks
  • 3 large leafs/bunches of Kale (can be any type – curly, cavolo nero etc.)
  • Half an Apple (if want sweet add more)

Sweet & Spicy Carrot Juice

Sweet & Spicy Carrot Juice

When I tried this recipe I thought for sure it wouldn’t work. As many don’t like carrot juice and many who don’t like grapefruit so surely together it be horrid. Well let me tell you it does, don’t know how but it just does.

The balance between the sweetness and mellowness of the carrot seems to react in harmony with the zing and tartness of the grapefruit.

Here is all you need to make the juice (per glass):

  • Half a Red Ruby Grapefruit
  • Thumb size portion of Ginger
  • 2/3 large Carrots

I have enjoyed all of these juices and definitely will be making them regularly as they are yummy, easy to make and give me a good healthy kick to my day. I look forward to the comments on how you find them too.

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