Book Review – Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig – An uplifting and realistic read about battling depression, a must read for everyone.

Reason to Stay Alive – An uplifting and realistic read about battling depression, a must read for everyone.

I can’t really remember who I came across this book, I think it was one of those, I bought something else and then it was recommended plus a few mumbles of recommendations but can’t remember from where. It had been sitting on my sadly very large mound of books to read and finally I have gotten round to reading it and I am very happy that I did.

I want to start by dismissing something a number of people said to me when they saw me reading this book – you don’t need to have, had or know some who has had depression to get a lot from this book.

Yes, the book is about Matt Haig himself and his battle with depression. He has clearly written the book to help those who are suffering from depression, as it is easy to read and very manageable instalments. It goes through his entire journey and really communicates with the reader his inner dialogue during his depression. He also offers some great insights and advice to help those who are suffering but I would question anyone (depressed or not) to not take away some great advice to improve you mental health (which remember people goes well beyond just depression – one in four of us have suffering some form of mental health issue).

I would say read the book and take from it what you want. Personally I love how he embraces the mediation and the power of being in the moment and creating a healthier inner dialogue with yourself. Telling yourself that you have done this before and will come out of it. Using your lowest days to your benefit and creating a positive outlook out of them.

I also invite a lot of people who don’t suffer from or know anyone who has suffering mental health issues, as by educating yourself on the experiences you gain real insight. This insight can then be used for multiple purposes, to help improve your ability to help those who are suffering, prevention for yourself and just ultimately again getting us talking and lift the veil on mental health.

I was actually with a group of stranger at a workshop and we were talking about powerful books and another mentioned ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ and this trigger both of us sharing our opinions of the book and mental health with the others in the group who hadn’t ready it. A number of them saying they would buy it following that discussion.

I will promise that you will not (despite the very click bait title) finish the book feeling sad but uplifted and it really puts your own life into prospective whatever state of mind you are in.

Therefore I can highly recommend this book, give yourself a bit of a mental health reality check. Also I am already on the look out for reading more of Matt Haig’s books.

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