My 2019 Vegan Restaurant Hit List – A List of all the places I am desperate to explore

My Hit List of Vegan Restaurants that I want to explore and eat out (Now!)

As one of my 2019 goals (you can read all about the rest of them here) was to create a hit list of vegan restaurants that I wanted to visit this year and visit at least 12 of them over the year.

I created this list as there is a growing number of truly amazing looking vegan/plant-based/vegan-friendly restaurants/cafes etc in London which are completely unknown to me. Every month new ones are opening in the London (and beyond but dealing with just London in this list). I think it is important to keep mixing it up now and to exploring (well dah! you blog is called loving exploring life) new things and places. To open myself up for new exciting experiences and including hopefully meeting interesting people and exploring undiscovered parts of the city I have lived in all my life.

Therefore I decided to take control and make a list (who doesn’t love a good list) of all these wonderful places and try to make sure I regularly go out and try somewhere new.

The list will have a mix of places some are vegan/plant-based only and a few others are vegan friendly. I have also included a few familiar places to me but those that I haven’t visited as a vegan. It doesn’t include any street food, pop-ups, juice bars or just sweet treat places (such as chocolate shops/bakeries etc.)

I am fully aware that this list will most likely grow not reduce as this year goes on so I will make sure to do updates when new places come across my radar.

My Vegan Restaurant Hit List (as at January 2019)

  1. Purezza – one of the top places people always recommend to me, and I do love a good pizza, and heard great things about their dough balls.
  2. Kalifornia Kitchen – freshly opened and after seeing Loui Blake speak at Vevolution it has been on my life, heard amazing things already about the breakfast burrito.
  3. Wulf & Lamb – a bit more formal restaurant in Sloane Square, was even kindly recommended to me by one of my sister’s clients when they discussed me being vegan. Looks like a great places for a girly catch-up and good food.
  4. Temple of Seitan – had a few things but haven’t been to any of their permanent locations, can’t wait to try their wings.
  5. Modern Pantry – I do love a good brunch on the weekend and finding now with good vegan options is not as easy as you would imagine, so wanting to revisit here for a nice laidback brunch session.
  6. CookDaily – Has been on my list to visit for ages as I do love a good noodle bowl and a chilli warming curry (feel it will be a firm favourite very quickly).
  7. Club Mexicana – want to go both the Camden market and also the vegan pub Spread Eagle. I adore Mexican food, could live off guacamole, tortilla and a margarita.
  8. Young Vegans – Had one of their sweet pies at a vegan street market but want to their Camden market stall to get one of the savoury pie and mashes (a truly British institution). Also been told their Death by Pizza is a most have, so need to try this as well.
  9. Vurger Co – Kept missing their pop-ups so very excited to fiTnally try one of their burgers at their new permanent space, do worry about what to pick as all looks so good.
  10. Unity Diner – Firstly love that is about positive change and is a non-profit so regardless of the food really want to visit to help support the initiative. However, the menu does look really good too.
  11. Black Cat Cafe – This one isn’t as well know, is a smaller independent vegan cafe, so love to support small business. Moreover their sandwiches from lox to smokey tempeh sound amazing, so definitely want to go to Hackney and try it out.
  12. Itadaki Zen – Europe’s first organic and Japanese restaurant. I have missed sushi (well taste of) since being vegan so would love to up my sushi game beyond avocado maki.
  13. Pied a Terre – Before being a vegan, I was all about gourmet food and one of my goals was to work my way through the michelin star restaurants in london and the 3 around the world. Sadly not many are that Vegan friendly – Pied a Terre was the first that I found that offered a vegan tasting menu.
  14. Gauthier Soho – Again another Michelin star which I have been to before but now is offering vegan menu after the chef himself became vegan.
  15. Pollen Street Social – I have been here many times and the food was always amazing, was one of my absolute favourites. So very happy to learn that they recently started offering a vegan menu.
  16. Flat Three – Again a nice more formal restaurant that openly offers plant-based options on the menu, so good for ‘mixed’ company as someone once called it when I ate out with meat-eaters (hehe). Also love the idea of a fusion of Japanese and Nordic.
  17. Fed by Water – a plant-based Italian restaurant, especially like the look of the mushroom risotto.
  18. Tell Your Friends – Keep on seeing a few people on social media try here. Is Lucy Watson and know that her whole family run pubs, bars and restaurants so it has to be good, just totally vegan. Is has both a really yummy looking brunch menu and Sunday roasts – best of both sides of my Anglo-American heritage.
  19. Mooshies – another great vegan burger bar that I keep hearing about.
  20. Redemption Bar – This has been on my radar for a while now and still don’t ‘ know how I haven’t gotten there yet. However, very excited to find out there is now one in Seven Dials, so no excuses now.
  21. Genesis – Another great new shoreditch restaurant, all plant-based with a very varied menu that will take a few trips as too many yummy looking options from tacos to noodles.
  22. Stem & Glory – just found out about this new place right in the city of London, great to have one so need work. Again a great little business trying to just expand, as original is in Cambridge.

There is so many more been added to this list, even if I still just keep it to London. This list seems to grow organically every day, especially when I meet new people and get their personal recommendations (which is the best word of mouth was a phrase built for food suggestions surely). If think there is anything I must try add it in comments below.

You can be sure give you all reviews of all this wonderful looking places on my blog after I have been (check out my instagram for my visits on my stories etc.). I will try to update this list throughout the year, when I have visited somewhere or if new restaurants etc come on my radar.

If there are any places you think I should add let me know in the comments below. Also let me know if you are interested in a list of the top bakeries, sweet shops etc.

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