My Best of Vegan London Restaurant List – all the places to get your vegan eating game on.

List of the Best Restaurants and more for vegan and plant-based food in London, 2019.

I have been a vegan/plant-based for nearly 2 years now and I have to say the vegan restaurant and just general food options in London has grown and improved so much in that period.

Hands-up, I am a major foodie and one of the things I love most about living in London is going out to eat, finding new exciting places and trying lots of different interesting foods. When I first turned vegan, I wasn’t able to do that as much, but that is no longer the case as there is so many yummy and varied vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants to visit now. So I wanted to do post which shares with you all, not only my list of places I current love to go but also share with you my hit list of places let to explore.

My Current Favourite Vegan Restaurants to Eat at in London

  • Mildred’s – This is a staple in the London veggie/vegan scene for a reason. For many this is the first veggie only restaurant they have been to. Is great for lunch or dinner and great if you have a mix of vegans and non-vegans (have had full blown meat eater raving). In terms of food, so many good options, but you can never go wrong with one of their curries and guac and dip to start.
  • Deliciously Ella Deli – if you are out in central London and wanting an easy and yummy lunch to both eat in or take away this is a great option. You have everything you could want from salads, chillis to brownies and great juices. The menus is every changing too, so you will always find something you will like – more likely too many options.
  • Good Food Eatery – Again another great deli which as lots of options is good is great from breakfast to dinner. I find them a good place for a nice catch-up with friends or even a meeting. I really like their açai bowl for breakfast and can never say no to a good avocado on toast.
  • The Ned – I work in the city so finding a great vegan friendly restaurant where I can meet friends or have meetings was a dream come true.
    • Malibu Kitchen – I especially love their taro chips and the pink beetroot latte.
    • Millies Lounge – A great place for a breakfast meeting and the avocado on toast is scrummy but be aware it is the size of your face.
    • Kaia – an Asian-Pacific restaurant which is good for a nice light lunch. I really love their papaya poke bowl, so refreshing and zingy.
  • Vanilla Black – if you are looking for a big more of a high cuisine restaurant there is no other for vegan. The 5 course tasting menu was like nothing else, and has a great vegan wine list to go along with it.
  • The Gate – Again another which is a more high-end ‘date night’ appropriate restaurants. There is so many options on the menu that you will always ask if you can share with whoever you are eating with.
  • Tredwells – Another more formal restaurants but is just very vegan friendly , as the head chef really has a great love for using seasonal veggies. A great places to do pre-theatre as located right in covent garden. I personally found it very hard to pick from all the yummy side dishes.
  • Homeslice – one of my roadblocks to coming vegan (don’t know why) was pizza and after having their mushroom, pumpkin seed and chilli pizza there was nothing holding me back.
  • By Chloe – A great American import, is a take on plant-based fast-food, with locations in Covent Garden and Tower Bridge. I am obsessed with their salads, give me one of their Kale Caesar or Quinoa Taco bowl any day. For something sweet, they do truly American classic biscuits that make me think am definitely stateside.
  • Ottolenghi – a good number of different locations, is a great place for both business meetings but also girlfriends catching-up. A massive range of Mediterranean-Israeli fusion, I always get my mixed salad game one. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Caravan– if you don’t mind a queue, always a firm favourite for brunch, very happy when opened one in the city.
  • Dishoom – again another place you need to be willing to queue but has really yummy northern Indian food and always has great atmosphere.

Here are a few other great places that desire a mention: Wild Food Cafe – all raw food, Farmacy -good food and good for people watching (need to go back as been an age), Farm Girl Cafe – very relax and good latte game, Granger & Co – is Australian so you know they do a solid avocado on toast. Wahaca – if out and abroad want some avocado and a margarita (who doesn’t) is a good place especially if there is a mix of veggie and non-veggie eaters.

Now, for food on the go, very good options are: Whole Foods – lots of vegan options now from sushi to the world famous TTLA (tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce, avocado) is a sandwich to shut anyone up that says Vegan eat just boring salads. Planet Organic – has a really good hot and cold bar and now is doing more packaged meals. I always love their juices though. Veggie Pret (and normal), was so happy when the financial success of the veggie only pret meant no only did it become permanent but they opened another. Chipotle, again so excited when found out they were added a smokey tofu protein option, so wanting fast and easy Mexican go for a cheeky vegan bowl. We are seeing more high-street option at least offering one or more vegan options which is so great to see and can’t wait to add more options to this list in the future.

The here are a few places which specialise in helping hitting that vegan Sweet Spot:

Crosstown Doughnuts – these doughnuts are part of anyone diet plans but well worth treating to yourself on occasion, such great texture and flavours, really like the beetroot doughnut (yes you heard me right).

Yorica – the America classic of FroYo but without the dairy – I always seem to get myself a late night scoop with great toppings and range of flavours (doesn’t even matter if is warm outside to enjoy)

Hummingbird Bakery – now have a permanent range of vegan cupcakes, which are as sweet and fluffy as the non-vegan counterparts.

Yes, I did tell you there was lots of lovely places, and there is many more I have been and enjoyed but didn’t want this list to go on for ages. I haven’t included some of the great places to get nice sweet treats and coffees. I think I will do those in a separate list – let me know if you are interested.

In addition, I know there is a number of obvious vegan london highlights that aren’t on the list which is most likely because I haven’t been to them yet. Alongside this post I am creating my also going to do a separate post with my hit list of places which I hope to explore this year. If you read my 2019 goals post (can read here) you will know that I hope to visit at least twelve of the places on my hit list this year. You can be sure give you all reviews (check out my instagram for more stories etc.) after I visit them and will update both lists through the year. If there are any places you think I should add let me know in the comments below.

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