Theatre Review – 3 Top Shows in London Right Now You need to See

The 3 shows in London, that you will want to go out and see them now!

Ever since I was young I have adored going to the theatre, there is something about a live performance, whether it is the atmosphere of the audience or knowing it will never be seen again, one time only. Great theatre can leave you with a lasting memory, there are shows that I have seen which I can still remember like they were yesterday. Brilliant theatre can really just take you to another place and mean when you leave that auditorium you are slightly different to what you were like going in – as you can see I really believe in the power and magic of theatre.

I have been very lucky the last few months to go to some absolutely brilliant shows and I wanted to share them with you all so that you also can go and experience them (and we can discuss).

Come From Away – A New Musical based on a True Story

This musical is like nothing else I have seen, starting with it being based on a very powerful true story and also the staging and format of the show. It all starts in Gander, a small town in Newfoundland (yes, I haven’t heard of it either) and the actual events that took place on September 11, 2001 and the days that followed. A very emotional plot but delivered with great humour in places, poise in others and exceptional music. It is one of the few shows I have been to where as soon as it finish the entire audience were instantly on their feet. I will definitely be going again, and I have already listened to a few of the songs from the original cast album and found myself watching some of the very moving documentaries done when the show went to Broadway for the first time. It the current political climate, it is great to go to a show that makes you smile, laugh, cry but also regain a lot of faith in the world. It is a show that will stay with you, not only because of the powerful story but also the wonderful overall performance.

Betrayal – Part of Harold Pinter Series

I know I was very lucky to get tickets to this show, as it is one of London’s hot tickets, mainly due to the cast including Hollywood heartthrob Tom Hiddleston. I went in with no knowledge of the play itself but just knowing it has a buzz about it. It definitely delivered, (and not because of getting to see Tom in person), it was very cleverly staged, brilliant acting and a great balance and chemistry of the cast. It is just three actors, Tom, Zawe Ashton and Charlie Cox, who all stay on a the very minimal dressed stage the whole time. They build the tension from the very beginning and don’t loss momentum, be prepared for laughs but also very awkward silences. It is a solid 90 minutes through but you don’t feel it, as you get fully invested very quickly. I was very happy to have it live up and beyond expectations, it was a great example of great stage acting and production. If you can get tickets, do go, as it will be one of those shows that stays with you.

Admissions – Alex Kingston in new dark comedy play

I went to this play, as found a great deal for £15 tickets, and who doesn’t know that Alex Kingston is a good actress. Went in just knowing it was about college admissions, had good reviews and was a dark comedy. Again is a very small cast, with great performances beyond Alex from Sarah Hyland (Miranda), Andrew Woodall and new actor Ben Edelman (a really powerful performance). Similarly Alex stayed on stage the entire performance and was 90 minutes straight through which just help build the atmosphere. It covers very difficult topic of diversity with a keen force on race, but it does it with intelligence, respect and humour. I found it very thought provoking, and does make you question what the answers are and what we can also do personally in relation to diversity and equality. It was quite by chance that I saw this play with two girlfriends on International Women’s day and made the slogan Balance for Better really ring even truer for me. Again you know is a good play when you are left slightly changed and thinking about it for days afterwards and wanting to talk to others about it.

I hope take you get a chance to go to one or all of these shows, and I would love to hear your opinions of them, share in the comments.

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