Glossier Haul Review – What I have loved, liked and what was just alright.

Glossier Beauty Haul – An Honest Review

Glossier is an online American beauty brand which last year we could finally purchase in the UK. As a major beauty and skincare lover, after having heard about a lot of their products for a while, I wanted to try them for myself and see what all the fuss was about. So here is my honest opinion on a number of the key products (there are some more that I need to try and they keep launching more).

Lets start with Skincare products:

Milky Jelly Cleanser – Gel Facial Cleanser

This was probably one of the Glossier products that I heard about most people using and loving. You can use is as a AM cleanser on wet skin to get that milky consistency, or meant to be able to use it on dry in the PM to cleanse and remove make-up. I personally didn’t think it got very milky, but was a nice gel consistency and good for sensitive skin as it was pretty mild. I didn’t hate it or adore it, I used it all up but wasn’t desperate to instantly repurchase. I wasn’t that brilliant in removing make-up and I would like more from a cleanser. Nevertheless, it is a very good price for what it is, and definitely would use it for a second cleansers, or just an AM cleanser when I had a heartier cleanser for the evenings.

Priming Moisturizer – Hydrating light daytime moisturiser

Really all I say is it was a moisturiser, as very basic one at that. It definitely isn’t anything special as I didn’t find it that great at being overly hydrating or acting as a good primer. I have heard better things about the RICH formula and might try that one as might work better for me skin.

Balm Dotcom – Skin and Lip Salve/Balm

I have to say this was the main product I was excited about purchasing when I made my order. I even purchased a number of the flavours. This lip balm is very much multi-use, I have one on my work desk, handbag and the single item always need in my carry-on. I use it as a lip salve, which give a good amount of hydration and also acts as a protective barrier (especially in colder months), give a great slight skin but didn’t sticky and blends in really easily. In addition is great as a cuticle cream to give a boost to dry nails, ashy elbows, point on random dry spots of skin – such as eyes and cheeky and also to help prevent blisters by stopping rubbing. The texture is great but so is the smells/taste – I have really enjoyed the original but also Rose and Cherry (also give a slight pink/red tints). Lastly, these little tubes last forever, a little goes a long way.

Now onto the Makeup Products:

Boy Brow – Eyebrow Filler and Gel

This is the most widely known Glossier product, a very small white tub just for your eyebrows. As you all knows your eyebrows shape your face, so definitely work getting them right but we don’t all have time to pencil then in etc. Boy Brow is a great product that it provide really good colour coverage and the gel keeps you eyebrow from looking too whacky. Just swipe a few times and your eyebrows are good to go. Again it a very good product but not sure it is the absolute best in class, I have enjoyed using it but when it finishes not sure it will not stop me looking for a better product.

Wowder – Finishing and Setting Powder

This is my star item from the haul and the one that I will be repurchasing. The powder is a great consistency and doesn’t leave you face chalky, collect where you don’t want it, leave you too matt in colour and but does provide a really good coverage and last a good part of the day. I personal use it both sometimes as a base (on its own) as it has a great slight tint to it or on top of CC cream or foundation as a setting powder. At £18, it is a great price for all it can do and seems to really last as a little is going far, definitely recommend give it a go.

Stretch Concealer – All over makeup concealer

This concealer is meant to continue leaving you with a dewy finish, instead of that dried out look others can give you. I agree that it does, but that sort of means it isn’t the best if you are looking for strong coverage in your concealer. I find it too slick to go under the eyes, unless I also put powder over the top. I use if for more overall finish, to help reduce redness and for the milder stop cover-up. I still haven’t find a perfect concealer and this one does do a lot of the things on the list but I still find myself pairing it with others especially for my dark circles. So it is a like but not love product for me.

Generation G – Sheer Matte Lipstick

Firstly, I have to say that I believe that Glossier has recently change the formula and packaging to this product since I purchased it. I am very happy to hear that, as I was pretty disappoint with this product. It didn’t provide any real colour to the stick was more like a very light tinted lip balm and the packaging just fell apart which meant I lost has the stick and it started to dry out very quickly. I like the concept so not apposed from trying again, but definitely my least favourite from the haul.

So a pretty mixed haul in terms of what loved, like and didn’t. I do have to stay I still have a lot of time for Glossier as like the concept behind the brand, is a great price point for quality of product and the packaging is pretty cute (it does matter). There are still a number of their products that I am interested in exploring, but might wait until I can see a few of the products in store – so either if a pop-up comes back to London or I am visiting NYC in May and will try to visit their store. They have also just launch a new makeup range Glossier Play – all very bright and sparkly, has me intrigued but again want to see before I buy.

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