Redemption Bar Review – Vegan & Sugar-Free Restaurant

Redemption Bar, Shoreditch – Vegan, Sugar-Free Restuarant that delivers Healthy & Tasty food

Redemption Bar, has been on my wish list to visit for a while (one of many from my list ) as it was one of the first vegan-only restaurants in London. So when organising lunch with a friend and she said that she really felt like vegetarian food, I know this was a great opportunity to visit Redemption.

They have a few locations now, but I visited the original location in Shoreditch, just off Old Street. I will tell you now, it is hard to spot, is just a small door next to very large arch. The restaurant is pretty small but not in an over crowded way – they aren’t trying to shove too many people in at once (but we did go for late lunch on a Saturday). It is very sleek and clean in decoration and got that modern minimalist vibe going for it.

Now on to the most important part what did I ate and drink.

On the day, London was experience a random sunny hot spell, so I decided to go for a light cold drink and the iced coffee was calling to me. The waiter made my day (all other vegans will appreciate this) when he started listing, yes listing, what type of milk I wanted….oh my days… I went for Cashew Milk.

As anyone who follows me on Instagram will know I am self-professed coffee snob, so there was high expectations. The Ice coffee, not only came in a beautiful glass, but with a lovely thick foam on top, a large cube of cashew milk ice in the milk. Then moving on to the coffee, was pretty mild in taste but was very smooth too, which meant overall it was a wonderful drink. I have to say, it is probably one of my favourites ice coffee – I know where I will be going in the summer.

I know I must not be alone, in that when I know I am visiting a certain restaurant in the days preceding I visit the menu on their website and try to figure out in advance what I want – or in my case make a short list.

When eating out I normally follow this simply philosophy to help know what to order – Can I make this dish myself ? I then order the things I wouldn’t make myself or if I know they will make it better.

The former guided my choice at Redemption, I went for Sweetcorn & Red Pepper Pancakes. Basically a crispy veggie packed fritter, but they also use polenta in it, then paired with tomatoes, rocket and the creamiest & chunky guacamole. It was a great mix of textures, with the pancake and avocado offer crisp and smooth, hot and cold.

My friends, decided on Buff burger, a protein-packed mushroom, black bean and beet burger (full of goodness) with side of sweet potato fries and the Californication, which was like a buddha bowl filled with sweet potato, kale, mushroom and spinach. As that wasn’t enough, not knowing the great portion sizes, we also ordered a kale pomegranate side salad (which just got taken home for later by my friend).

I was full, but when my friends also heard they had ‘healthy’ sugar free deserts they had to give one a go. They ordered the english classic with a healthy redemption twist of Apple & Blackberry crumble. It was filled with warm apple, blackberry and cinnamon compote topped with a popped quinoa, pecan and oat crumble served with coconut crème Chantilly. In true Redemption fashion of making all their food look its absolute best, it was also topped with a cute colour coordinated flower.

My friend also had their think hot chocolate, and she is very fussy with her hot chocolate and loved it.

Overall, I have to say I am very impressed with Redemption, from the decor and staff to the wonderful food. My first lunch there, left me wanting more, and definitely wanting to explore more of their menu. I am hoping to go to their new Covent Garden location – keep an eye out on my instagram for more details.

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