Book Review: Modern Mindfulness – For all of you (like me) who think Mindfulness & Mediation is too difficult to practice

Review of Modern Mindfulness: How to Be More Relaxed, Focused, and Kind While Living in a Fast, Digital, Always-On World by Rohan Gunatillake

I picked up this book as the title really just called to me – Modern Mindfulness, Be more relaxed (yes please), focused (yes, need that) and kind (yes that too) whilst living in a fast, digital and always-on world (wow that is me!).

Going into this book, I didn’t expect it to have all the answers and it doesn’t. However I was hoping it would give me some good guidance to just make being more mindful in my everyday life that bit easier, to help find a way to make regular mediation not a chore but a daily habit. I think it definitely gave me a lot to think about and put a number of things in prospective, and I think it will be a book that you will keep for reference.

The thing I enjoyed and appreciated the most was that is literally runs you through and explains the reasoning behind about 60 different forms of mediation. These are the ones that really resonated with me.

Kindness: Just on a walk somewhere, start thinking and wishing goodness for strangers – don’t get wrapped up with judgement or trying to imagine what they are like or doing – just wish someone a really good day. I really liked this, I sometimes on my walk to walk try to smile directly at people (especial those not already smiling) as I know the impact of having eye-contact with someone and sharing a smile. It can really make you day.

Gratitude: Already a big believer in this, and try to practice it everyday. The book definitely encourages you to just do a bit of a mental checklist before you go to bed. Find the joy in the small things, it definitely makes you much more conscious and mindful of what happens in you day, even those ‘standard’ every day going through the motion days.

Focus: It gives some good tips for small mindful practices you are do at work, such as following your mouse on the screen. Then one which will take some practice for me is listening in, just actually letting sound come in and let it pass and not let it detract you. I fully appreciate in the world of social media and everything being instant it is very hard to slow down and focus on a single aspect of the world around us. It also nice to read that I am not alone with this issue.

Some of the mediations seem a bit too much or that they just wouldn’t work for me, and the book fully supports those filling, saying use the ones that work and if necessarily make you own. Just remember it does take practice and consistency but it also needs to work with your life – you are meant to be left more relaxed, less stressed and kinder and that only happens if you are working against it.

I have to stay that the book use of really powerful and well placed (and written) testimonials from people who have found and use mediation for a variety of purposes, from PTSD to chronic pain. It firstly really puts you life in prospective and it also helps in put the use of mindfulness into real life stories.

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