My Weightloss Journey March Check-in: weigh-in, goals, intentions and lessons learnt

Hi, I my name is Lauren, and as some of you might know at the start of the year I decided to kickstart again my weightless and fitness journey. January was alright, February was mediocre but at the beginning of March, I really started to focus-in and put energy into losing weight and getting fitter and ultimately happier. Just to be clear not saying that being skinner or more toned will make me happy (am sure will have some positive impact though) but it more about living a healthy lifestyle and having great body confidence, respect and pride.

I also have done this weightless journey before, and I follow a number of people across social media who are doing similar journeys, and a large part of the success is accountability. Moreover, I feel motivated by following them and I would love to inspire and motivate others. So I hope these posts help not just myself (tips and advice welcome) but also others.

Therefore, I am going to try to post at the end of each month and let you know what process have made, in numbers (weight, inches), in how I feel mentally and physical, goals achieved, intentions for the next month and also any lessons learnt ( and anything else).


Weight: 230.8 lbs (or 104.7 kg, 16.48 stone) to 220.5 lbs (or 100kg, 15.75 stone )
Lost: 10.3 lbs, (4.7kg or 0.73 stones)

Hips: 49.7 inches to 48.7 inches
Lost: 1 inch

Waist: 37.7 inches to 37.5 inches
Lost: 0.2 inches

Bust*: 43 inches to 42.3 inches
Lost: 0.7 inches

Body Fat: 46.4% to 45.5%
Lost: 0.9% 

In terms of my weightless journey, March overall has been pretty good, I haven’t achieved as much as I had intended at the beginning of the month. I am happy with these results, I will definitely take losing 10 pounds any month. It is much better than January and February, however, to be completely honest I had hope to have lost more but it is progress and it takes time to get the results you want. They also help fuel me for April and see if I can improve upon them.

Looking back over the month, the first few weeks were really good, was logging food and being conscious of what I was eating. Went to Live Well London, did some fitness classes, a few runs etc. However, then my stress levels went up again (work and family) and I sadly fell into old habits – binge eating, no fitness or just making poor nutritional choices. Then became sick and in bed for a few days (just eating what was in the house). This all meant I went little off course, but I did keep myself mindful of my March target, where I wanted to be at the end of the month, and I was able to refocus.

In terms of fitness overall has been pretty poor in terms of consistency, haven’t been to the gym and only a handful of runs etc. Whilst this isn’t ideal, I did have another fitness/activity goal that I am very happy to say I did achieve – walking 10,000 steps everyday (Hands up, except for the 3 days I was sick but fair enough). I was using my Withings watch, to make sure I did everything I could to hit my target, including doing laps in my living room if I was a few steps shy. It might seems small but I am very proud of this, and hope to build on this success.

*I always seem to loss weight off my boobs first! Luckily have enough to go spare.

Lessons Learnt

Here are 3 lessons that I learnt from my weight-loss and fitness journey this month

  1. STRESS – I let stress take me off course, which is mainly manifested in making poor and lazy food choices, I know it is about emotional eating and I need to be more conscious of the next time I am stress that I use food and fitness to manage not anything else. Hindsight always shows me that binge eating or eating poor options just make life worse not better – and I am still stressed at the end of day
  2. MEAL PLANNING & PREPARING – For me personally, I have found eating properly, is so much easier if I have meal planned, which I do do, but need to be get better at with in terms of looking at my cookbooks and grocery shopping etc. Moreover, the bigger lesson I have learnt this month, is that meal planning is great but meal prepping is even better. Having food already prepared in the fridge, means that when I am home late from work I know there is something healthy to eat and stops the excuse of stopping to buy a poorer but quicker food option. I need to factor this isn’t my week more and around my food stop.
  3. FITNESS – Requires the same commitment and focus as my eating habits. I seem to be a bit sporadic, there is a lot of tomorrows, or if only I leave work at x point etc – aka excuses. I do love fitness when I am there, but sometimes the motivation to get out running or to the gym is hard to overcome. I did to build up a stronger motivation and make it easier to schedule in my fitness to help remove some of the excuses. For I know as soon as I am into a routine I absolute love it and it helps me beyond my weightloss and fitness journey but also with stress and mental health.

April Goals & Intentions

Weight-loss: I would love to loss another 10-12 lbs this month, so target is to be 208-210 by end of April. At least another inch (ideally more) off my hips, as that is where I hold most of my fat, and talking of fat at least 1-2% of body fat. I want to build up muscle this month.

Fitness: Firstly to maintain my daily 10,000 steps minimum, and on that front try to take the stairs more where I can and get out at lunchtime to get those steps throughout the day. Then in terms of more hardcore fitness, I would love to do at least 3-4 workouts/activities a week, and that would include a mix of swimming, gym (cardio and weights), running and at-home yoga practice. I want this month be a fitness foundation month, where I just get my head back in the fitness game, into a consistent routine in the game.

Mental: This third aspect of my journey is very important too (especially for long-term success), I want to try to manage my stress more, as it does have a direct impact on my weight-loss (beyond the emotional eating response). I want to get out of my head more, try to relax and be kinder to myself. That is going to be very important this month as there is lots of large changes coming with my family and I need to make some large life choices too in response. Mediation and being mindful is going to be very important, trying to be in the moment and using mediation to keep those stress hormones in check.

Sleep: People always forget about this aspect, but I have found it is very important but I do find it very hard, I suffer from very poor sleep habits/patterns. To help tackle this, I am planning on this month to try to see how I can improve the quality of my sleep but also simply try to go to bed earlier (I am an AM person, so wake very early and can’t help it).

Other: My skin has been pretty poor over the last month or so; I haven’t found the course so want to be more mindful of my skin routine and practicing more self-love with regular face masks, no-make-up days etc. More dramatically, I am going to cut out alcohol from my diet and see if that has any impact on my skin and general health. I do love a good glass of wine or g&t (and stress has meant been having a few more cheeky single glass of wine at home after a long day) but alcohol is so dehydrating for your system, so want to try cutting out and seeing if my skin improves.

Thank you all for you support on this journey and having a community really does help motivate as now I don’t just want to do this for myself (which is most important) but also to help others and deliver what I have promised I would to all of you. If have any questions or want to share your stories too, please do, love to hear them. Have a great April everyone, lets make is a good one.

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