Top 4 Vegan Protein Powder – For Shakes and Beyond

My Favourite Vegan Protein Powders – For not all powders are created equal!

Finding the right protein source can be hard. Protein powders are still pretty new to me, and was upon becoming Vegan/Plant-based that I started buying and using protein powder regularly. It is a great and easy way to get your protein in when you are living plant-based. However, are all protein powder created equal – do they taste nice, have good levels of protein, natural ingredients, and especially a good range of amino acids? I wanted to do a post which gave my top four brands (a few different flavours and products under each) as protein powders aren’t cheap and you don’t want to buy something for £25+ and not like it.

Personally, I have really loved exploring different protein sources, products and brands. 80% of the time I am having a protein shake to start my day (as feel better with a great protein hit in the morning – is also good for my weight-loss to feel that full with lots of nutrient too). I find it is great for an afternoon snack, and then the traditional pre/post workout to help with performance/recovery. However, having tried lots of different brands, not all of the protein powders on the market are that brilliant, from too powdery, too sweet, too artificial, too low in protein etc.

As you will see across the products I like, I go for the protein powders are the healthiest and most natural sources of protein you can find, not too unnecessarily high in calories, a wide variety of protein sources and most versatile.


Classic Plus: Vanilla & Chocolate and Warrior Blend: Mocha, Vanilla, Chocolate and Natural

Great taste, not too sweet and not powdery texture. You can have it on it own just with dairy-free milk or great in protein shakes, baking etc. It uses a great mix of plant-based protein sources mainly brown rice and peas – so it is delivers a lot of proteins for not that much calories per serving. The Classic Plus – is good for your every day shakes/snack and the Warrior has a much more protein so is better for pre/post workout – but can use anytime (I have). I have to say this is a good staple brand, you can find it Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Amazon in the UK. I have repurchased a number of time, normally getting 1kg size which last a really long time.

SuperNova Protein

Women 01 (Cacao), Naked 00

This is a relatively new vegan protein brand but they are about tailoring the blend to Women and Men. Beyond the protein (brown rice and pea) it also has a lot of superfood powders to help the whole body (brain, gut, hormones, energy and muscles), for example blend includes Maca, variety of mushrooms, chlorella etc. So you can pick with Women or Men blend or their is a Naked (plain) blend. I love it, as I was buying all these health supplement separately and put them in my blender with my protein powder, now I have it all well balanced in one scoop. It isn’t the best by itself, so I normally have it in the morning in a protein shake with banana and nut milk, as it can have a little powdery/tangy taste but when blended is very nice to drink.


Beauty, Energy or Peace Blends

I have been lucky enough to actually met the founder of this brand, and hearing the reason behind the products really heighten my enjoyment of them. It is all about being the most natural and simple ingredients, which focus on the whole body beyond just muscles, so include superfoods like maca, ginger and cranberry. I mainly use this protein as my protein on the go verse my daily shake, you can get them in little sachets and are great for afternoon snack (all), when traveling or pre-gym session. I have to say on taste I really like the peace blend and is lovely to have after an evening workout. They do taste better with nut milk compared to just water, but do blend really well in a shaker.

Form Nutrition

Superblend: Chocolate Salted Carmel and Performance Blend: Chocolate Peanut

I really like that they have thought through the different uses of protein powders, that especially plant-based protein powders get used for everyday consumption, as part of a fitness and for performance/ recovery purposes, and in cooking/baking, so have created three different blends. Lends itself to my personal needs from a protein powder. These aren’t as high in protein as some of the other brands (but not a bad thing) and a little sweeter (but not artificially), but as instructed on the packaging you can just tailor the amount of liquid to get your personally preferred consistency. I really like this one a bit more watery, so will even do about 750ml of water with a scoop. It tastes really good (strong flavour comes through with not much powder) and as the flavour is so nice, is great for a late night snack to hit that sweet spot (or in the morning).

There are a number of other protein powders that I have tried and not liked at all (you know you are just desperate to use it up, not to waste it and then so you can go out and buy another brand to try). There is also a number of brands which I haven’t tried yet and can’t wait to try. However, these four brands I really like and will definitely be repurchasing and 90% of the time, I am eating at least one of these each day.

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  1. I like sunfood. It is the easiest on my intestines.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lauren says:

      Wow, thanks for the recommendation, I will be sure to see if I can find some, never of heard of Sunfood before. Which flavour or product of theirs would you suggest I start with?


      1. I have its raw organic rice protein in vanilla flavour and their super green powder both of which I think are great with smoothie. They have also pea protein and some other protein powder as well you really should look into it! 🙂


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