6 Hidden Gems on Netflix – Must Watch to make you Laugh, Cry and Learn more

Six Netflix Shows Not to Miss but Binge Instead

I wanted to share a post about the top 6 shows/movies/docuseries that I have enjoyed over the last few months which are more hidden gems. So the list excludes the big hitters that everyone has being talking about like Sex Education, You and Fyre or already knows about Ru Paul drag race. This list of things to watch which might have been undiscovered by you but you need to go and watch, as they will makes you laugh out loud, cry (both happy and sad) and also learn something new.

This list is more about shows that people might look past but are definitely worth a good Netflix binge watch. It does include a few comedy shows, some of them have a bit more heart, a movie and a few Docuseries (documentary but in episode format).

Working Moms

This is a Canadian comedy, which deals with working women in their late 30s as they go through trying to balance it all – babies, work and love lives. It is very dark humour and very much say how it is – doesn’t glamourise motherhood at all. I think that is why I liked it so much, as it was silly humour in places but also thought provoking in others. Sadly only season 1 is on UK Netflix at the moment, and can’t wait for us to get the other 2 season which are already showing in Canada.

I feel Pretty

This the perfect girls night in movie (which is what I did). If you are like me and you just love Amy Schumer with her witty one-liners and ability to throw shade at both herself and others you are going to love this movie. Regardless of some of the brilliant silly moments, namely the brilliant Michelle Williams voice in the movie, there is a great message at the end which isn’t delivered like in Disney so you do take away a bit with you. Moreover, it makes you want to go out and buy someone neon yellow – bag or shoes.

Friends from College

Now on its second season, this is another adult dark comedy show with a beyond brilliant ensemble cast, you will fall in love with each and everyone of them. Is about a group of 40 year old friends who reunite together in New York. It is just a show that shows how no adult is doing well at pretending that they are wining at being fully functional (all the time at least), we are all in shambles most of the time. It also has great twist and turns, leaves you laughing out loud. There is a number of couples within the group to champion and fall in love with too. Hands down, I also fully appreciate Billy Eichner doing a very dry gay man in it. Very easy to binge watch, really hope that more people watch it and we get another season, need to see this dysfunctional continue.

Formala 1: Drive to Survive

As reader of my blog will know, I do love a good sport documentary and this one lives up to my standards. You don’t need to know anything about F1, you just need to live people. It is a behind the scene documentary of last season, with interviews with driver, owners and team principals (head of the team), you see them at the best and worse. Some great personalities come through, with Guenther Steiner being someone you will fall in love with, as you see him try to manager his team, drivers and his bosses disappointment. You also get the backstory to some of the stories, which could be movies in themselves, from dying fathers to trying to live up to your family legacy etc.. It keeps you watching through its cinematic shots intertwines with actually racing footage.

One Day at a Time

I think I found this show first when I was sick one day and wanted to binge something, now I binge when each new season comes in. It is a good old school American sitcom, based on a cuban family leaving in US, the mom is divorced retired army nurse trying to raise two children and living with her very ‘characterful’ mother. It is so much fun with brilliant banter between all the characters but it also covers a lot of very heavy topics from PTSD, Drug abuse, Gay Rights and Immigration. You will fall in love with the family.

7 Days Out

This is a documentary series that has different episodes showing the 7 days before a big event, such as opening a Eleven Madison, a Michelin star restaurant, NASA mission to sporting events including a Video Game Tournament and Kentucky Derby. It is very good at building the tension and taking you along on the journey – getting you invested. I think it is also very good at highlighting the people behind this grand events who we don’t normally consider, it really does give you a new appreciation for what it takes to achieve some of these events. I found it truly fascinating and so informative, I really hope they do another series, and make it similar to chef table.

Well, there you have it some of the shows at the moment that I have really been enjoying, which have made me laugh, cry and learn so much. I love to hear what you think of them or if you have some shows you think I should watch, whether on Netflix or not.

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