Book Review: This is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay. A Sad True depiction of the NHS from a Junior Doctor.

This is Going To Hurt, Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay

I came to this book a little bit later in the game than everyone else, but I am so happy that I decided to see what all the hype was about and read it. This book is a great read, it is easy and fast to read (unless you are me and just can’t find the time to sit and read – problem to go into another day). You will find yourself hooked from the very early pages, you don’ t need to know anything about medicine or even the NHS, the book does all the background work for you.

I do have to say first off, that I do have a brother who had been a junior doctor and similar to Adam decided to leave the NHS. So when reading this book, I come to it having with all the information and knowledge about the life of a junior doc from my discussions and first hand experience of knowing and loving someone who worked in the NHS.

I don’t want anyone to be scared off from this book thinking it is going to be overly medical or gruesome, it isn’t. Yes, it does share some shocking medical experiences but leaves it up to your imagination in places to get the full detailed graphic.

Secondly, don’t be put off by thinking this is going to be very dark and heavy, yes being a junior doctor is extremely hard and this book clearly highlights the physical and mental struggles that Adam went through (which is sadly true for most junior doctors). However, it also shows the joy and comedic moments that Adam also went through, you will therefore both laugh and cry with him.

As Adam was an gynaecological doctor as a women, I learnt a lot about what my body could go through (well minus the stories of what women and men put in completely the ‘wrong’ places) as a woman, from labour to cancer. The book makes sure to give you medical description of technical terms but you are getting that alongside real life (fake names) stories to get the best level of context for medical situations. I really enjoyed that, as some of them I have never heard of before, now I have a reference.

I think it is very important for anyone who has gone to a doctor to read this book and gain the insights of what they life is like, it truly makes you appreciate. As Adam says in the back of the book, just remember the struggle and the day the doctor is having when you have a go at them for being late. Ask them how they are, it is very hard for people outside that professional to every get a good grasp of what it is life, and I am thankful for this book for getting me a little closer. I definitely have a far greater appreciate and love for my brother, it helps give context to those times it was snappy or late or frustrated with me, or when he was in those very dark moods, or just didn’t feel fully present as he was on call.

I really hope that you go out and buy this book and read it, as lets face it we all will most likely have an interaction with a doctor some point in our lives and we should both come into that interaction with compassion for what the other is going through.

To conclude, I have to say this is one of my favourite books that I have read in recent times, it was like a docuseries but in book format. It is a nice easy read, with great highs and lows, and you definitely will come out with a whole new outlook for doctors and what they do each day.

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