About Me

Hi, my name is Lauren.

As you were so kind to visit me at Loving Exploring Life, I thought it was best to introduce myself and let you know a little more about myself and how this blog came out.

I will start with the awkward basic facts. I am a thirty-something Londoner, born and bred. I am come from a big British/American family. I am a busy working women in the city. I love food, travel, going out and generally exploring what life has to offer(hence the name of the blog – I know very creative).

I do have to confess, that the reason for the blog isn’t as simple as I just made it seem – are things ever? To explain, I probably best to go back a few years. As many of you can probably empathise, I went from university, to grad school and then straight into work and a few tragic life experiences thrown in. I ended up seeming to just be walking through life, wasn’t really looking after myself either physically, was overweight, or mentally. Then had a real wake up call, which caused me to look inwards and started looking at my life and I soon realised that I wasn’t very healthy nor was I doing everything I could to be my happiest self.

Therefore I took it as a turning point and the start of my journey to being a happier and healthy person. There were many different aspects to my journey from healthy eating and fitness, to relationships and mental health, to wellbeing to self-exploration to name a few. I am definitely still on this journey and don’t have it all figured out but have come along way so far.

Hopefully from reading my blog, you will help keep me accountable, learn with me and enjoy exploring that journey with me. So lets go love exploring life.

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